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I am new to using VMware, so please excuse if this is a newbie question.......

How can I netboot a guest Linux virtual machine ? I'm using VMware server 2.0 running on a Linux host ( Fedora ).

Would appreciate any pointers…..

Cheers !! S

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Apologies if this is a much simpler answer then you were looking for, but if you configure bridged networking for the guest environment, it will have access to your network as though if it were a physical attached machine and you can follow your (the) normal procedures.

Feel free to elaborate if you have tried and failed to do this, and include a more detailed description of where you are having problems.

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NAT networking also will work, Bridge networking will required IP assigned by DHCP or manually, NAT networking usually comes with DHCP server turned on. – Vick Vega Feb 14 '11 at 20:42

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