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Here are my architecture :

For the protected site

4 Host VSphere Enterprise Plus, each one with 2 HBAs FC connected to the switch fabric, connected to an EMC CX4-120

1 VCenter


For the recovery site

2 Hosts Vsphere 4

1 Vcenter


1 CX-4-120

The CX4-120 is connected to the second CX4-120 with ISCSI and the MirrorView / Asynchronous.

I synchronise for the time 6 Lun on a FC DAE, 2 on a S-ATA DAE

I have allocated 30% of the amount synchronised LUN for the SNAPSHOT us, but I have allocated them only on my S-ATA II DAE. It does not make a problem, my snapshot are correctly active.

All the installation is new (hardware and software), installed in January with the last files available in download. I have a strange problem, and it's random, sometimes when I run a test on my RP, some VMs have this error : Error: A specified parameter was not correct.

I don't know where to look. Any help is appreciated...

PS : I have checked on all the VMs, no Floppy disk or CD attached.

PS2 : There is severals VMs with RDM and OCFS2 filesystems on it.

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I know where to look, vmware's call centre - you've clearly paid for all the licenses and inherently they're all with the 12 months support cover right? call them, they'll have it fixed right away, their support guys are great. I'm sure someone on here would be able to help eventually but this is quite a niche problem and their support will be quicker I'm sure.

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