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on a pix how do I make port traffic, port 25 for email in this case, usable by a specific ip address in my spread of IPs?

I want to send email to someemail@ and have the pix send it to port 25 on that IP if it is email and discard it if it is anything else.

Thank you.

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what PIX version?

The feature you want to use is Port Redirection. The basic syntax should be:


so for example:

static (INTERFACE1,INTERFACE2) tcp yourexternalip smtp smtp netmask

And on your ACL you will need something like this:

access-list outside-inbound permit tcp any host yourexternalip eq smtp

(Disclaimer: I haven't touched Cisco for a while, but I'm 100% someone who has will be along shortly to confirm or correct!)

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Yep the only comment is you are going to want and extended ACL - so access-list <outside_access_list> extended permit tcp any host <internal_ip> eq smtp – Zypher Feb 3 '10 at 8:20
what do I put on <outside_access_list> my external ip? – johnny Feb 3 '10 at 20:17

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