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I have 2 version of database backup.

Mysqldump > db_backup.sql


FRM files (tables files)

The db_backup.sql file is corrupted; it is 0 KB. I think I can't help with it anymore.

Now I only have the FRM files. After I copy all the FRM files to my database folder, in phpmyadmin, I got this message: File not found 'users' errno2

Users is one of the important tables; I can't lose it. Is there any way to repair the FRM files? The files are there. Why does it say "File not found"?

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The .frm files don't contain the data; the .ibd files have the data, if you have innodb_file_per_table in the my.cnf file. If you don't have innodb_file_per_table in the my.cnf file, the data is in the ibdata1 file.

The .frm files are the table format files. They have the information about the columns in the table. If all you have are .frm files, your data is gone.

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