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I need to enforce the MDI file format as the default choice for MODI printing rather than TIFF. Anyone know if this is a registry setting or something that's available in Group Policy?

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Found the following on MSDN:

Under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\MODI\MDI Writer\


This will be 0 for MDI Format and 16 (decimal) for TIFF format


Controls the DPI for the TIFF format, allowed values are (in decimal) 100, 200 and 300


1 for compressing images in the document, 0 for not


Default output folder


Controls whether or not show the image in “Microsoft office document imaging” after the printout is done. If the value is 1 the “Microsoft office document imaging” will show up, if it’s 0 it will not.


Control the page orientation, 1 for Portrait, 2 for Landscape.


Controls the page size

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Open MODI (you can find it All Program Files - MS OFFICE - MS OFFICE TOOLS) Goto Menu item Tools-Options Open the tab OTHER Click the button File Import Preferences

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