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I'm after a very simple (in my eyes) opensource calendaring solution. The basic functionality I need is:

  1. provide readonly ICS feed (http/s/) (the way google cal provides it), so clients can subscribe to it
  2. API to create/delete users (and their calendars) - one calendar per user is enough
  3. API to manage (create, search, update, delete) events in users' calendars
  4. supports events in multiple timezones

Basically I want to skip all the steps needed to create ICS myself.

For what I need Zimbra looks like an overkill.

For an answer to be considered "good", and/or accepted, it has to list each of the above features, and how/if they are supported by the proposed solution.

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The CalDAV protocol will give you what you're looking for. The CalDAV server that I use w/ Mozilla Sunbird and my iPod Touch is DAViCal, and I like it very much. It's definitely not the only thing out there, though...

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Here, give this a look:

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