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A client of ours was sending out a mass e-mail to their membership. The process crashed midway. They'd like to resume the mass e-mail but so far I haven't been able to figure out where to look.

Problem: the mail is sent iteratively by a PHP script. This script doesn't track it's progress. I'm a PHP developer with little server knowledge.

What I was hoping to do was inspecting the mail server and asking "What's the last e-mail sent?"

The server is running a fairly vanilla CentOS 5.4 install.

I'm not sure what mail server software it's running, if someone can instruct me how to identify this, I will post it.


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Try running grep on /var/log/maillog for the email address to see what's been happening, maybe with a pipe through tail to trim down the output to the most recent few entries.

The default install of CentOS typically includes Sendmail; rpm -q sendmail will confirm this.

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