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The domain has only TWO A records.

@ 173.X.X.X
* 173.X.X.X

But dig returns FOUR. It seems Google added some A records, and my IP even not the first. This's causing slow, how to resolve this?

;; ANSWER SECTION:  928 IN  A  928 IN  A   173.X.X.X  928 IN  A  928 IN  A
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Google or Godaddy? I wasn't aware Google is a domain name registrar. – John Gardeniers Feb 6 '10 at 11:14
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It seems a problem with Godaddy's nameserver. Now I'm using a different nameserver and it works perfectly.

UPDATE: Oh, no. The new nameserver is buggy too, just in a different way. I've contacted Godaddy, lets wait for them.

UPDATE: Yes. Godaddy resolved the problem.

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Have you actually checked your DNS control panel? It's likely that, for whatever reason, there are 4 A records listed for @ (the domain itself). Delete the A records that you don't want and you should be all set.

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Yes, I logged on Godaddy, and it's only two A records as listed above. – Cheng Feb 6 '10 at 6:08

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