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I am in a hostel using a LAN connection and the authorities have blocked all sorts of websites. Even basic ones we are not able to use so I was looking for solutions. The blocking is done by openDNS and we use a local DNS server. There was a solution that said we can use the public DNS servers, but its not working. Also i have tried totally removing the DNS configurations and even then the internet is working !! How can the internet work even after i dont give any proxy servers and the ban is not lifted if i give google DNS settings also. I cant even ping (googles public DNS) What can i do now? How do i get through it ?

I have tried clearing the dns cache also..doesnt work


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I'm posting this as a comment, as it doesn't actually answer your question, however I do believe it is the correct answer. If access is blocked, it's probably done for a good reason and you shouldn't be attempting to bypass the block like this. If you believe you should be able to access sites that you can't, ask the authorities to lift the restriction for you. –  Bryan Feb 8 '10 at 13:05
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If you can't ping or access a website like Flickr through its IP Address( then you won't be able to do anything, as the block is enforced by something other than OpenDNS.

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If you can reach any Server you have SSH access to, you could just tunnel all your traffic trough there. But port 22 might also be blocked, then your out of luck unless you got one setup to listen on another Port. Alternatives might be something like a PHP Proxy Server, if you got something like this setup.

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There is also a username password authentication, that might be the reason i am not able to ping other servers outside the LAN right ?

Plus i assure you, even if i want to open IEEE its not opening so the block is not for anyones good !! i can access websites with their IPs from the web browsers. My question is i have not even specified any DNS servers and i also deactived WINS, so how do the website open ? Without a DNS server configured how does it know where to find a DNS server. It always goes to the college server. Can i change that ?

I know nothing about SSh tunneling, so if i can overcome this by SSH, please do tell :)

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If the blocking is done by openDNS and you are using local DNS, then your network is most likely set up to block all out bound DNS traffic (except maybe to openDNS). ping traffic [ICMP] is often blocked in highly filtered networks.

Your only hope will be you use a proxy (or maybe install The Onion Router [TOR]) that does the DNS resolution on the server side. You will have to check your browser & proxy combination to see if you can get remote resolution to work.

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