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  • I getting this message whenever i try to download software from in ftp (linux,RHEL5) server
  • I am using this ftp for LAN only

The error message as follows alt text

Here i attached image as i get from cmd prompt , alt text

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Please open cmd.exe, and type ftp Then: ls -l pub/SOFTWARES then cd pub/SOFWARES/ and then ls -l . Please edit your question and append the output of these commands. – kubanczyk Feb 8 '10 at 13:08
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You might trying setting explorer to use active mode ftp instead. I found these instructions to do that on the net:

# Start Internet Explorer.
# Click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
# Click the Advanced tab.
# Uncheck the box "Enable Folder View for FTP sites"
# Uncheck the box "Use Passive FTP"

Here is a description of the difference between the two modes for the curious.

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use winscp software for the upload and download from you linux to win!!

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