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I have reciently started at a new place, currently wanting to use svn for source code. On the main server we currently have svn installed with several possible svn configs. I am wondering how to find out which svn config is the svn server is currently using? The svn version is 1.4 and it is on enteprise linux 5.


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I assume you're using svnserve and not access over http/apache?

For svnserve, each repository has its own conf/svnserve.conf. So if you've created a repostory with svnadmin create /var/svn/project1, then the configuration file will be in /var/svn/project1/conf/svnserve.conf.

If you then access the repository with the URL svn://, then that config file will be used, and no other. There are no system-wide configuration files for svnserve.

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