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When you use Process Explorer and minimize to tray, The icon turn itself in a graph of CPU utilization. I want to see that graph for network usage, specifically for internet usage. Example, I can download up to 100kb/s. I'm downloading an program at speed of 25kb/s, then I want see the graph with 25% of use of internet usage.

There is a simple and free program like this?

Edit I've found an "revived" version of FreeMeter here: FreeMeter Revival


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Check out this article that mentions FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor For Windows ( and then several more in the comments.

Perfect! Thank you! – Click Ok May 22 '09 at 1:28

I like NetMeter it is free and works very well. It keeps track of your bandwidth useage so you can look back by day/week/month year. It also works with multiple NICs.


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