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I'm trying to demo (and learn) a Red Hat Cluster on ESXi 3.5 update2.I've set a shared fencing device with the info for my ESXi server. I try fencing a node from Luci, but it only tells me that fencing failed. Messages log has following agent "fence_vmware" reports: Unable to connec/login to fencing device. I checked and rechecked password and the connection properties.

Any ideas why this is happening. Is it possible to use ESXi as fencing?

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I believe it is possible but ESXi's management interfaces might not respond quickly or reliably enough to make this as robust as it needs to be. There's some info on this here which seems to indicate that it's very much a work in progress but you may have something more supported that you are trying.

Since all you really need to do with Fencing is be able to trigger a VM reboot when certain conditions are met I don't see why it shouldn't work provided the fence scripts are sufficiently well written to be able to deal with the "latency" of the VCLI\VIX commands. One thing I have noticed with the various CLI tools is that authentication delays can be troublesome and may make this quite difficult.

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Have you tried to manually run the script? The output might be a clue as to why it fails

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