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I am in the process of building a new windows domain (migration from Novell) and need to write a login script to map network drives/printers. In the past I have used vbscript mixed in with a little wmi as needed. I am considering using Powershell and am wondering if this is a good choice or if there are even better options. The network is small ~ 20 xp machines and 5-10 printers.

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My investigations into powershell ...… – Tubs May 22 '09 at 10:21
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I still use vbscript, because that is what is available on older versions of windows still used on our network without adding additional software. I frequently want my startup and login scripts to work on newly installed machines.

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Take a look at Group Policy Preferences, if you don't have any Win2K Pro. No scripts and lots of options and filtering, including WMI like filtering only no scripting necessary. It also has a lot of other features like pushing shortcuts/files/regkeys/printers etc.

I just finished (this past weekend) a migration from Novell to Microsoft. It certainly eases my short term pain of no ZenWorks replacement(Buying LANDesk next quarter).

You should definitely take a look.

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