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I use Glassfish Stack to manage applications. I run Glassfish on CentOS with non-root user. Therefor I am not able to open 80 port as the ports under 1024 are accessibly only by root users.

There is a solution to add privilege in role based access control (rbac) system to user which runs the glassfish server:

/usr/sbin/usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,net_privaddr *glassfish*

In CentOS the usermod command doesn't include the -K option to change the default privileges. However, the RBAC is supported in CentOS (as far as I understand). Is there any solution to give simple user access to network listening under 1024 port?

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That RBAC command/privilege is Solaris specific.

Since you're using CentOS, I doubt you're using a new enough kernel (at least 2.6.24) that supports the cleanest solution which involves setpcap. Using iptables to redirect port 80 might be your best bet.

For reference, see this stackoverflow question.

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