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Can domain administrators do a remote wipe for Windows Vista machines?

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Network imaging solutions pretty much satisfy this. If you can stand to put things back to an imaged state. Server 2008 has built-in tools for this or there are 3rd party solutions. – SpacemanSpiff Dec 16 '10 at 13:59

Yes, they can. If you can connect to it, you can wipe it. It's hard, but possible. Last week I did a remote wipe, and documented it all here: See

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No, remote wiping is currently restricted to Mobile Devices that run activesync clients and connect to an Exchange Server.

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No, remote wipe at the moment is for phones only. Third party applications do exist - a quick Google brings up gadgettrak . com and absolute . com (no idea how good they are)

But you shouldn't need to - if you have sensitive info on a laptop you should encrypt the hard drive using BitLocker (Vista Ultimate & Enterprise only).

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