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Thanks for your help...

I just bought a Virtual Private Server and I want to configure my website and the DNS Server on the same server and of course IP.

I created a DNS Zone "", after I finished, a SOA record and NS record was added by default. Then I created the A record that points to the server IP 204.93.156.XXX.

The NS record added by default has as FQDN the server name and its IP address

print-screen of configuration


I have read that I should have two NS records with the format -> IP -> IP
But in my case the first one is FQDN -> IP
what should be the second on -> IP
If I do this it gives me an error
"IP for this server cannot be found"

I'm new to the configuration of DNS

share|improve this question would be for a second DNS server. If you only have one DNS server, then you will only have one NS record. Redundant NS servers are recommended, but if your website is small, you can probably get away with one.

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