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i have setup squid which is running as a transparent proxy where http requests are sent through

i would like to setup dansguardian with the above configuration of squid but i just cant seem to get it right. How can i go replacing the information above into the configuration of dansguardian?

# the port that DansGuardian listens to.
filterport = 8080

# the ip of the proxy (default is the loopback - i.e. this server)
proxyip =

# the port DansGuardian connects to proxy on
proxyport = 3128
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You need to set it up as a parent cache. Adapt the instructions here for your use. It is for squid transparent proxy with a Privoxy parent but your setup is similar.

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filterip = XX.XX.XX.XX (IP of Dansguardian) if you are using a single server loopback is fine. filterport = 8080 - port of dansguardian proxyip = XX.XX.XX.XX (IP of the squid proxy server), if you are using a single server loopback is fine. proxyport = 3128 - port of squid proxy server

try configuring your internet option on lan settings, and

proxy: XX.XX.XX.XX port 8080

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