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How to get the total amount of memory used by 32bit applications and 64bit applications from the command line in Windows.

I tried using tasklist /FI "MODULES eq wow64.dll" /FO CSV and then parsing the output and summing. But tasklist just freezes with any command that has something to do with modules (tasklist /m and tasklist /fi "modules eq wow64.dll" freeze).

Are there any alternatives? Or some idea why tasklist freezes.

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You don't mention what version of windows. Are you using a 64bit capable version of Tasklist?

Also, your title asks for a program's memory use, but your example asks for a module use - Which is more important to you?

Other tools that will give info on modules:

Listdlls.exe from Sysinternals: Listdlls.exe -d wow64.dll You can obtain module totals in much the same manner as your Tasklist.exe example.

Native tool: Tlist.exe Less like the tasklist example because you can only get one pid at a time. Pipe pids into a loop and use find.exe for the DLL of your choice.

Pslist.exe from sysinternals pslist -m gives both working and virtual memory used. Nothing about DLL's though.

Arg. I just noticed this was posted a year ago - Hope you found an answer....

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I even can't remember whether I found a solution to this. Anyway yes it was 64bit capable. modules eq wow64.dll is one way to get a list of 64bit programs (at least I think it is). – Egon Feb 10 '11 at 23:34

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