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Is it not covered by their documentation and whitepapers in the Alfresco Community registration? – Feb 14 '10 at 5:56
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There is an end-user manual here, by Romain Delalande & Brice Chaffangeon.

Its a little old (2008), but seems fairly comprehensive.

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Now there is

It is the official documentation, hope you like it.

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Alfresco maintains an introduction user guide, it is called Alfresco in one hour and is available in 5 languages, PDF or video. Unfortunately requires free registration.

More exhaustive is Getting started with Explorer DM which explains everything people need to use the Alfresco Explorer to do document management.

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If there is, and I suspect there will be as it appears to be selling itself as an enterprise-ready solution, it should be available under the product's website's documentation area (here). It not, it might be worth registering with the product's own forum(s) and asking there.

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