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Hello I have a server at rackspace cloud running Ubuntu Karmic Koala
I was trying to do something until I accidently removed the server ip and name from the file /etc/hosts/ and rebooted. After reboot I am not able to connect to the server using putty although I added the missing line back using webmin file manager.
In webmin when I go to SSH Login. It says There is no SSH server running on my ip port 22.
Can any one help

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If Webmin is up and running you can issue commands to the server. Run /etc/init.d/sshd start and see if that fixes the issue. Also, you should have access to a package manager through webmin as well so you can re-install ssh if needed.

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I think you have accidently removed something other, too. SSH server is AFAIK not so dependant on /etc/hosts.

BTW. from /etc/hosts you have probably deleted the first line (if we don't count the comments). Have you put it back there, or at the end of file?

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start the sshd daemon, either from webmin or have somebody at the hosting company support do it

in /etc/hosts should be also the hostname and the external ip address, after - localhost

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