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I have several users, including myself, that cannot see attached images (.jpg) in OWA. I can see them in Outlook but in OWA the attachments, the link to see them, are not included. I see the line for attachments in the message. But it's just empty. I have other messages that have been sent to me from outside of the domain and I can see them. Just not internally sent ones. Was hoping for help. Thank you.

I did not see anything in the file levels of the registry to prohibit .jpg files.

Exchange 2003 Server, Outlook 2003, OWA for 2003.

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Are you using Firefox (or even if not) and do you have any add-ons that could be blocking this

If not, I would go to the Exchange server and check the OWA settings, or downloading the OWA admin pack and make sure no weird options are set.

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