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I want to deliver email to external non-Exchange hosted users. Both the Exchange and external mail server are using the same domain name. My Exchange accounts are able to send to any other domain name, but if I attempt to send a message to externally hosted email account with the same domain name then I get an error. Please tell me what I need to do here.

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You don't mention what version of Exchange you're using so I'll guess 2007 and suggest you look here at what Microsoft calls a shared domain space: Note that 2010 does basically the same thing and that while the technique in 2003 isn't quite as great, it works there too.

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I'm not familiar with Exchange - can you explicitly state for a given user that the e-mail must be forwarded on to a different server? I.e. forward all mail to to the server

Or you could set up a subdomain (e.g. with the MX records pointing to your non-exchange server, set up on your Exchange server, and set up a rule on that user's mailbox that will forward all mail from to

The non-exchange user could then SMTP through the Exchange server using their Exchange username/password.

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