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Trying to get Oracle Database 10g to work on Microsoft cluster (using Oracle Fail Safe, not RAC). Everything installed, but when trying to verify group or add database to group I get following error:

FS-10220: Network name MSK00-NST01-1 maps to IP address in the cluster resource but maps to IP address on the system

MSK00-NST01-1 is cluster name, is first node IP, is second node IP. Oracle documentation says "The cluster and the system must have the same IP address mapping for a network name. Check that either the network name server or the local host file has the same IP address mapping as the cluster."

Where is the error - in Oracle configuration or in cluster configuration? What are possible ways to correct it? Thanks a lot for any ideas.

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Bug 7606294 "Unable To Add Database To Fail Safe Group 3.4.1" DocId: 799024.1

To solve this problem, use the latest version of Oracle Fail Safe. And install patches for Oracle Fail Safe, downloaded from Oracle Support (Metalink).

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you added a 1 by mistake ( versus Check again in the cluster admin, on the properties of the ip address

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Sorry, Windows administrator says that there is no error, it's just IPs of different cluster nodes. – osdm Feb 15 '10 at 8:55

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