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I have set up my google apps email on my outlook and I want it to connect to the google server and fetch my mails using SSL POP3

Ports 995, 465 both TCP and UDP are open. But it still not working. The server has 2 NIC, one for LAN and the other for External.

Please provide assistance on solving this issue.

Thanks Jean

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you might want to provide your firewall script and clarify where those ports are open. just generally, more info pls – Antitribu Feb 15 '10 at 9:45

From the machine running iptables, can you do:-

openssl s_client -connect <google POP3 IP>:995

If you can make a connection, then the connection isn't on the external side. If you can't, then there's your problem ;-)

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try using port 587 instead of 465.

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