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I have a strange problem with Exchange 2007, the company has two separate offices, one with SBS 2008/Exchange 2007 installed, the other does not have a server and uses our pop3 service from our web host to send/receive email.

I've looked into setting up the shared address space on TechNet

However, it looks like it only works with another Exchange 2007 server.

Obviously both offices use the same domain, so all email hits our webserver and we use the SMTP connector in SBS 2008 to download the email for the users at Office A, and the users at Office B, Outlook has POP3 setup so they simply download it themseleves.

However, if Office A try's to send an email to someone at Office B, the email bounce's back, becauase Exchange 2007 can't find a user for that email address.

We've even resorted to setting up a Gmail account, so people at Office A send an email to Office B's Gmail account, which autmatically forwards to their actual email address, but this is not a very good work-around.

What is the best way to set this up?

Any help much appreciated, it's driving me crazy!

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