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I have successfully set up sending and receiving email in the Thunderbird for my Groupwise account. But, I am missing the feature that suggests contacts when I start typing their name in the To field (or cc or bcc).

Is there a way to connect thunderbird to the groupwise contacts? If not is there a way to manually import the contacts.


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Thunderbird supports on-the-fly LDAP lookups. I've used this setup with ActiveDirectory for 3+ years now. If you can get Groupwise to provide you with LDAP support, you're set.

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Cool! That worked. I found Zindus for also syncing my gmail contacts. – Ronnie Overby May 25 '09 at 19:00

Failing that, you can also use something like GWIMPEXP ( to export the GroupWise address book into a format that Thunderbird can make sense of.

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