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i am getting the following error while upgrading the server from ESX3.5i to ESX3.5.. and the server gets Stuck.

it says :

Starting System Management Homepage:.......ok

Starting HP Insight Manager Agents: ipmi_si : servching for PCI device 0x3302 ipmi_si : Trying "Kcs" at memory address 0xf7ef.... ipmi_si : Found PCI BMC at BAR address 0xf7ef.... In try_get_dev_id

And the server gets stuck, had anyone seen this and how to resolve this?

Thanks, Amit

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You cannot upgrade from ESXi to ESX. Check this link for some suggestions when you need to repair or install any ESX(i) server:

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I don't think you can upgrade from free ESX edition to paid one. You have to install over

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