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How large should my vim_vcdb database datafile to be? How much daily change should I expect to see? Should I be looking into some type of data archiving/purging?

I have 9 hosts and 198 VMs. Vcenter is a VM, DB is a physical -SQL2005.

Currently my datafile is 3.1 Gbs. A week ago it was 2.4Gb, this seems like a lot of growth to me. Is this normal to see that much change in a week? Or is there a problem?

The work done in the past week was 15 vstorage moves, 10 P2Vs, a few clones.

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How 'old' is the VC? have you tracked its growth over longer than two weeks? – Chopper3 Feb 19 '10 at 22:26
about 1.5 years. We recently moved from SQL express to the full version, which is when we noticed the size. I'm just trying to figure out if thats a normal size. Thanks for any help! – Alan Feb 22 '10 at 13:48
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Check your statistics settings in Administration - vCenter server settings. THere is a sizing guide there based on your level of logging

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