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I'm wondering whether it would be possible to setup Tomcat 6 (for hosting Confluence) and either lighttpd or Apache (for PHP things) on the same machine.

Ideally I want to have the root be PHP and /confluence to be tomcat. This is to be run from a CentOS based VPS account at a hosting company all under one domain.

I'm quite new to these things and its all a learning exercise, I'm just confused about routing and how things may be affected.

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first, your setup is possible.

setup a lighttpd or apache to serv your php stuff. then you configure a location for your confluence installation and configure it to forward the request to your tomcat with mod_proxy.

as you want it as a learning experience, this should give you the direction and the apache doc here should help you with the rest.

when there are more question, don't hesitate to ask, but for learning you should try for yourself first.

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Wow thank-you so much! I will read through and see how I go, but I'm glad I can get this done! – Sandra Pilkington Feb 20 '10 at 23:42

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