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Is there any resource/web-page that lists the versions of the software that come with RHEL-AS 5.4?

In particular, I need the exact version of the Apache Web Server, Satellite, Data Services to list a few?

Edit: I dont have RHEL 5.4 AS installed, however, I need a source to find out the above.


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You can have a look through here:

that is all the source RPMs that RHEL 5 (and all the updates) is built from - you can see the versions in the RPM filenames.

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rpm -qa | grep httpd

will show you which version of the httpd (Apache) package you have installed. Adjust the grep accordingly to get the other package versions.

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@jamieb: updated the question. Thanks for your answer though. – Ryan Fernandes Feb 21 '10 at 6:09

If you have any active, paid subscription for RHEL, you can access all the package data from channels within RHN. If you don't have a paid subscription, you can check out something like Distrowatch, which will have some of that information.

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