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I currently am running SVN on my Windows Server 2003 as a module in Apache.

Is it possible to set up SV to run as a Windows service as well? The goal is to access the repositories via svn://servername and http://servername?

How can this be achieved?

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The answer is Yes.

Apart from VisualSVN you can also look CollabNet SVN that includes automatic checking of updates.

However it can be done with the base SVN server directly using this guide from the FAQ as the support is built into the SVN executable.

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+1 Just did this last week for a client following those instructions. – 3dinfluence Feb 22 '10 at 17:09

Have you tried VisualSvn server ? It's much more easier to set it up using it for windows server, and the standard edition is free.

Plus it works just like you wanted to.

VisualSvn Website

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