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I'm currently in the process of finishing up a Rails application. I am using Warbler to package it up as a ".war" file and am using GlassFish to deploy it. I do this because the application is to be distributed to companies for in-house use. Arguably i could/should have used another framework to develop an application of this nature, however, I chose ease/speed of development over deployment hassle.

That said, I've got the setup working reasonably well on my development machine. However, I'm curious as to how to go about automating environment initialization. In other words, I need to figure out how to ensure that all DBs, files,etc. are configured upon deployment.

All of the examples I've seen thus far assume you're running your IDE on the system to which you wish to deploy and they have you run your rake tasks manually before deployment. However I need to simply give the end user the ".war" and be able to run all rake tasks upon application deployment/launch.

Can someone point me in the right direction regarding this? FWIW there is nothing in the Glassfish manual about environment initialization etc. -- then again, I don't suppose I should expect them to cover every single aspect of deployment.


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