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We have ESXi cluster which is attached to clariion CX4

We have windows 2008 R2 as the guest OS.

Attahed to this vm is 2 x 1.95T RDM's

I select disk 1 > create partition primary size=1 (1MB) > then list partition Partition ### Type Size Offset

* Partition 1 Primary 1024 KB 1024 KB

Then I do the same for the other disk and offset is 1024KB

I need to present 4T disk to this vm so I right click on disk 1 > convert to simple volume > then extend it by adding the second disk

now when I do list partition, I see the off set is set to 31k.

Can anyone please guide me.


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I am pretty sure windows 2008 manages the offset for you and you don't need to use diskpart to set them check Here and Here

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