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I've edited my.ini in the directory where MySQL is installed and inserted max_allowed_packet=50M under the [mysqld] section, but when I launch the MySQL command line and do:

show variables like 'max_a%'

It still shows a value of 1048576. I've rebooted the box, but to no avail.

EDIT: I believe the issue was that MySQL was reading one of the (many) other config files (e.g., my-huge.ini). I re-ran the MySQL config wizard and it appears to be honoring the settings in my.ini now.

(btw: Why so many configs?!?)

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The following page shows the different directories from which MySQL reads the configuration files:

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You're most likely confusing 'global' and client variables. Try:

show global variables like 'max_a%';

Make sure you're specifying the option under "[mysqld]" as well. Dominik's recommendation regarding modifying the correct config file is key, regardless.

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