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Firefox, and other browsers, allow you to add bookmark rss feeds (live bookmarks). Is there a way to create a communal feed (via a wiki, for example) which users can add bookmarks to. Seems like this would be handy for a group of users who regular visit many of the same sites.

The basic idea is to allow a user to open his/her browser, and have access to a group of bookmarks (eg: "Customer homepages") that is regularly updated by the members of his/her group.

I'd be interested in a solution on any major server OS.

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Firefox's live bookmarks feature is a simple RSS feed reader under the covers (same with the IE flavor). You could easily set this up with wordpress or any other blog software that supports multiple users.

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Not exactly a Wiki server, but an alternative solution: you could use the network feature of the delicious social bookmarking service:

What is my Network, and how do I use it?

Your network connects you to other Delicious users: friends, family, coworkers, even new people you run across while exploring Delicious. It is a "people aggregator", collecting your favorite users' latest bookmarks in one place for you to view and enjoy. You can view and manage your network by going to your Network.

There a powerful tools, like the add-on for Firefox, an API and RSS feeds.

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xmarks is a browser plugin that will synchronize bookmarks between browsers on different machines. Just share the username and password with whoever you want to synchronize with.

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