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I understand how to create a new user with privileges, but what is the correct way to change privileges for users that are already created?

We are running a DB audit and some of the users have way more access then is needed. Plus I don't know the passwords for most of these MySQL users, so I don't want to delete them and create new ones.

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To list users:

select user,host from mysql.user;

To show privileges:

show grants for 'user'@'host';

To change privileges, first revoke. Such as:

revoke all privileges on *.* from 'user'@'host';

Then grant the appropriate privileges as desired:

grant SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON `db`.* TO 'user'@'host';

Finally, flush:

flush privileges;

The MySQL documentation is excellent:

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I misunderstood the use of revoke. Thanks. – Clutch Feb 23 '10 at 20:10
Well without revoke, it will be dublicates privileges; – Sergey Sep 27 '12 at 12:38
mysql documentation is near unreadable, this answer is much better – Timo Huovinen Mar 1 at 10:02

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