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We use Oracle's ORDCOM infrastructure on our database to interact with a COM object. The COM object doesn't do anything with the database. This process has been working fine for several years.

Today I created an Oracle Wallet and added credentials for sys to so that a script I have can login using "/@coredev as sysdba" rather than store the username and password in clear text.

The problem is that as soon as I added the line "SQLNET.WALLET_OVERRIDE = TRUE" to the sqlnet.ora file, the ORDCOM OACreate call raises an ORA-28578: protocol error during callback from an external procedure. I have a program outside of the database that can test the COM object and that continues to work correctly. As soon as I comment out the line in sqlnet.ora it all works correctly, but of course I can no longer use the Wallet.

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I opened a case with Oracle Support. – Leigh Riffel Feb 25 '10 at 20:36
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Oracle reproduced this problem with an internal test case and has created a bug for it. The workaround is to use a separate sqlnet.ora/tnsnames.ora for the wallet setting the TNS_ADMIN environment variable to the path to the alternate files.

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