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  • Is there a way to sign up a large group of skype names at once?
  • is there a way to enable the users to be given a skype username based on their own e-mail addresses?

What I would like to do is roll out skype in an office in every county in UK with a pre defined username such as 'mycompanyname-warwickshire', 'mycompanyname-bedfordshire' and so on.

Our users are only basic computer users, so I would ideally like this done with as least fuss as possible for them!

Thanks in advance

ps. if anyone has a good way of doing this by using any alternative software, I'm open to suggestions

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kevyn, did you ever get your answer? Was anything in this thread helpful to you? –  Wesley Mar 3 '10 at 19:59

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I'd suggest (as you already said) that you use an alternate software, which allows you to set up your own server. Giving the control over the server out of hand is not desirable in my opinion (that's why I always get cramps if I hear the sentence We are using Google Docs for the company paperwork). Unfortunately I only know two programs/protocols good enough to suggest:

  • Mumble, Voice-Chat Software primarily designed for game chatting, but hey. ;) Allows rooms etc..
  • XMPP, which is an Instant-Messaging protocol, but was lately extended with audio/video chat.

Edit: Additionally, if Skype discovers that your computer is suitable, it will use it as a node for relying phone calls...yes, foreign phone calls.

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One of the main reasons for using skype is the 'share my screen' option, which works well. I've used a few different remote desktop apps in the past, however having remote desktop and voip in the same package would be far easier to manage. sounds like I'll have to get registering a bunch of skype accounts –  kevyn Jan 25 '10 at 10:26
We are working with UltraVNC which is working quiet well and has an integrated Chat-Function, which is enough for us, but I agree that this is a nice feature pack of Skype. Well, maybe you can get some 'special' support from Skype itself, maybe they'll help you with registering this many accounts. –  Bobby Jan 25 '10 at 11:50

Skype does have a business version. It can even integrate with various PBXs. However, it does not appear that you can create Skype users en masse. However, using the Business Control Panel (BCP) you can create user accounts centrally. Yes, you can create Skype usernames based on email addresses. I've done it with one of my Gmail addresses. However, you'll have to create them manually as I already pointed out.

On the bright side, Skype creates an MSI installer package that can be pushed out via Active Directory (or SMS or SCCM or... whatever you use for software deployment).

EDIT: I discovered that while you can create a username that has the @symbol in it and upon initial login everything will look fine, the @ symbol will be replaced with a period after log off. So my Skype address nonapeptide@gmail.com becomes nonapeptide.gmail.com

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