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We changed the username of one of the ActiveDirectory users, but now, days later the old username is still showing in SQL Profiler when they login. Are these SIDs cached locality with a copy of the username? Can I clear this cache?

The user does not have "direct" access to SQL server, but is in a local security group which has access to the server.

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It's not cached on the SQL Server - you can see it in the system view:

SELECT name, sid FROM sys.server_principals;

You can update the name for the LOGIN by running the ALTER LOGIN statement, similar to:


Run the SELECT statement above to see the desired change.

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I forgot to mention: The user has not been added directly to SQL server, but is in a local security group. – NTDLS Feb 25 '10 at 17:08
Not 100% sure then. I'd try running xp_logininfo 'DOMAIN\GROUP', 'members' and see if there is a disparity between that user's name and his mapped login name. The mapped login name is what SQL Server is using. – Brian Knight Feb 25 '10 at 18:51

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