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I'm quite used to having the option of logging windows performance counters to an MSSQL database since Windows 2000.

I've just tried setting up some performance counters on a new machine today and found the relevant options are no longer present in the properties dialog for a Data Collector Set.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or has this feature been removed?

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You may have been looking at an already defined data collector set? It's only an option when setting up a new one.

I see it when I open PerfMon >> Data Collector Sets >> User Defined >> New Data Collector Set >> Data Collector Properties

There I can set log format as SQL and define a data source for logging.

This article describes doing it from shell if needed.

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Ah-ha! The log output is configured on the individual Performance Counter within the data collector set - a concept I was not familiar with. Thankyou William! – ptg Feb 26 '10 at 0:12

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