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I would like to monitor NGinx stats through Munin but the Nginx plugins show no data. Is it possible to diagnose why only one of the munin nginx plugins seems to be working?

nginx munin

The server runs on CentOS 5.3

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The nginx plugins rely on the following URL to get the status info:

Usually, nginx does not have this URL configured to show status data.

From the documentation of the plugins, I see that nginx needs to be configured to show status data in a spesific URL.

You need to enable nginx status by adding the following lines to the site's configuration:

 server {
       server_name localhost;
       location /nginx_status {
               stub_status on;
               access_log   off;
               deny all;

Don't forget to restart the server after adding this configuration, and make sure the stus URL returns the status data.

For the complete documentation of each plugin, you can run:

munindoc nginx_request

Hope this helps.

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Possibly helpful:

cd /etc/munin/plugins
munin-run PLUGINNAME

Additionally use the debug option to munin-run.

Check the plugin file for any hard coded paths and verify they are correct for your system:


The nginx plugin may rely on Nginx being compiled with certain modules or log output in a certain format. Is there any documentation page for the plugins?

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Key thing is the url in munin config.

You will need

env.url http://localhost/nginx_status




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