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I have a CIFS share on a NetApp device. I want this share to be completely open to any user/computer on the same network. I don't want any authentication (domain, workgroup, etc) required; no login/password should need to be provided.

Currently I have CIFS configured to use "Domain - Windows 2000" authentication and have the permissions on the share set to "Everyone - Full Read/Write" but if you try to connect to it from a machine that isn't bound to the domain it is asking for login info.

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The problem is the domain trust level of authentication. If you're going from a non-domain client to a domain server, it'll always ask for a username/password. As far as I know, this cannot be circumvented.

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Dunno about NetApp specifically, but you may need to explicitly allow ANONYMOUS LOGIN, Guest, or Guests on the share. You may also need to do the same thing for the NTFS permissions for the actual files and folders, if NetApp does things the same way as Windows. Since it's CIFS, I'm assuming it does.

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