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We have a remote git repo that we normally deploy from using git push on our dev server then git pull on on our live servers to get the latest pushed version of the repo.

But if we have committed and pushed a few revisions (without a git pull on the live servers) how can we do a git pull that is referring to the older commit that we want?

i.e. something like git pull -r 3ef0dedda699f56dc1062b5dcc2c59f7ad93ede4

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Once you've pulled the repository you should be able to go:

git checkout 3ef0d...
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Nice, this worked perfectly. Also noticed that if I want to get back in sync for future pulls I need to specify the remote server when doing the next pull (i.e. git pull server:repo vs the regular git pull) –  dlrust Feb 26 '10 at 19:01

If some process on your live server immediately accesses the just-pulled content (i.e. you cannot work with git checkout 3ef0d after pull), you should consider tagging the version you want to deploy in production and specifically checkout that tag on production, so that pulling does not immediately change your working directory. Otherwise you'd risk somebody pushing just prior to your pull.

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