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I have Cisco Catalyst 65XX, many VLANs and about ~1300 users. Users connected to some D-Link switches with second-level management. D-Link switches come to my Cisco Catalyst 65XX by VLANs.

So, how I can shape traffic per user?

If I use something like this:

access-list 145 permit ip any host
access-list 145 permit ip any host
access-list 145 permit ip any host
int Gi0/1
 traffic-shape group 145 128000 7936 7936 1000

will I have shape traffic per user or it will shape traffic only on interface? I mean - every user will have 128kb/s (per user) or everybody will have 128kb/s ?

If it will be for everybody, then what is the solution of my question: how every user can have 128kb/s ?

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Should shape everything that matches access-list 145 ... so everyone is shaped into 128kbps (not per user!). You should probably go with a class-based QoS ... take a look here

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Thank you, already read this. But... Is there no one chance to shape it easy? May be other model of router/catalyst I need to use? –  Nadz Goldman Feb 28 '10 at 12:02
well, do the dlinks have a per-port policy? maybe you can shape/limit directly on those ... –  Mr Shunz Mar 1 '10 at 10:07

Look into microflow policing - allows for limitation of bandwidth on a per-flow basis. You can define what makes up a flow (i.e src or dst IP, port, etc) and how much bandwidth each is limited to. This is a decent overview of some of your general options on a 6K:


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