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I have the pix running on this network range

And my server which is on the network

And my servers IP:

I added these commands into the conf of the PIX

static (inside,outside) tcp interface 80 80 netmask
access-list outside-inbound permit tcp any host xx.xx.xx.20 eq 80

Where the xx.xx.xx.20 is my Pix's External IP

I cant seem to access the port from the outside. What am i doing Wrong?

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You say that your PIX is on the network range with a 24 bit netmask. This is inconsistent with your server being on with a 24bit netmask. Misspelled? – pauska Mar 1 '10 at 0:00
Oh Yea its on this range hang on fixed – Sparky Mar 7 '10 at 2:15
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I think 'interface' needs to be replaced with the external IP.

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That dont work for me it moans about the external interface being the same as the outside interface of the PIX – Sparky Mar 7 '10 at 2:15

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