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I am looking for torrent caching software (like SQUID for http). Do you know any?

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The mechanisms for doing this are now built into the bittorrent protocol:

However as mentioned in the article, to date no specs have been released to allow support.

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PeerApp can do that but probably doesn't suit the scale you are looking at.

How many torrent users and what bandwidth/volume do you want to apply the cache to? What platform do you want to run it on? Do you need to handle a specific torrent app/protocol, and be able to cache SSL torrent downloads?

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The BitTorrent application supports caching. In fact, my ISP caches most torrents. The version of BitTorrent that my ISP uses is 7.7, and I get quite high speeds, i.e. 8-12mbps.

how do I know my ISP uses it?

  1. My ISP does not have any package with such a high upload speed, 8-12mbps, maximum upload is 2mbps

  2. The IP of the cache server is usually the same, and from that single IP, I get over 90% of data at 99% of my full ADSL2 speed.

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