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Hi I have redhat ES4 Linux guest os installed (windows xxp host).

I have changed the hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network from localhost:localdomain to another (FQDN) name. I have not altered anything in etc/hosts (still localhost:localdomain locahost)

Then done system network restart and system config network.

However after this I can't open a terminal session .

Looks like my xterminal session is screwed up somewhere - but don't know how.

I've done a reboot and get the command line.

Thanks for your help

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what actually happens when yo try to open a terminal session? – Keiran Holloway Mar 1 '10 at 11:39

Make sure you add this new hostname to your hosts file. If you don't, then anything that relies on hostname <--> IP lookups (a surprisingly large amount of X windows, sudo, etc.) will fail when trying gethostbyname().

You can add another loopback entry in there, which is the right thing to do anyway so that (or whatever FQDN you named your host), has an entry like: localhost localhost.localdomain foo 

Of course you can also join them all on one line as well.

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