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I'm trying to enable full text searching on a DB2 V9.5 database, SuSe Enterprise Linux.

Net Search Extender has been installed and db2text service starts without problems.

When I execute the following command:

db2text ENABLE DATABASE FOR TEXT CONNECT TO <database_name>;

I get the error message:

CTE0190 Executable program "cteadmsv" could not be started.

Has anybody run into this before?


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After contacting IBM support, this is the solution they provided:

  1. stop db2 netsearch extender (db2text stop)
  2. stop db2. (db2stop)
  3. as db2 instance owner remove the .fenced file (in sqllib/adm)
  4. touch .fenced.
  5. It should now have the correct ownership
  6. restart db2 (db2start)
  7. restart netsearch extender (db2text start)

That worked for us.

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