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I'm receiving the following error when trying to connect via Cyberduck SFTP to an Ubuntu 9.10 server that I am able to successfully ssh into:

[main] ERROR ch.cyberduck.core.sftp.SFTPSession - Connection attempt canceled

I have other Ubuntu servers that I am able to successfully SSH into and Cyberduck is able to SFTP into. I've reviewed /etc/ssh/sshd_config and am now at a loss as to what else to check.

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If your .bashrc or shell login is producing output sftp or scp will fail: FAQ. Try issuing a remote command via ssh:

ssh /bin/true

If the above spits out any text, you need to fix the offending text generator in the cookiemonster account's login scripts. No fortune cookies upon login for sftp. ;(

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I should have asked this question much earlier and saved myself quite a bit of time. I modified .bashrc to eliminate any text spit out and Cyberduck works beautifully. Many Thanks. – Matthew Rankin Mar 2 '10 at 3:14

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